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Case of ATV tool trailer for foam spraying robot

name:Case of ATV tool trailer for foam spraying robot

detailed information息

The carrying capacity of the tool trailer used for the robot is 1.3 tons. The platform is welded with section steel. The rear of the vehicle body is equipped with two overturned boarding ladders (the surface of the ladder is welded with round steel to prevent slipping). The front, left and right sides of the vehicle body are equipped with fixed guardrails. Three rope tighteners and binding hooks are equipped on both sides of the vehicle body; A manual mechanical outrigger is equipped around the trailer body, and a set of universal wheel outrigger is equipped at the front traction frame to support the vehicle parallel at ordinary times; Local pneumatic tire, rigid suspension; The trailer is used for short distance transportation and turnover of hardware parts, small appliances, small tools, etc. This tool trailer is used for foam spraying robot, with beautiful appearance, practicality and durability.