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  • Maintenance and upkeep of industrial flat trailer tires

    All vehicles in the world are the same, both on the road and off the road. They each have a work area and are working, so there will also be wear and tear. We maintain vehicles to ensure they are always in optimal working condition. Regular vehicle inspections can detect faults as early as possible and prevent them from occurring before they occur. The maintenance of the Nangong flatbed truck is much simpler because it is an unpowered full trailer, a trailer, and a tractor (not on the road). Mainly focused on tire maintenance: [View Details]

    source: Release time:1970-01-01

  • Detailed discussion on the functions and effects of mobile boarding bridges

    Detailed discussion on the functions and effects of mobile boarding bridges [View Details]

    source: Release time:1970-01-01

  • Foshan Nangong Notice on the 2023 Spring Festival Holiday

    The Spring Festival in 2023 is approaching. In order to provide all employees with a pleasant Spring Festival holiday, the company leaders have decided to take a 17 day holiday based on the current production and operation conditions. We hereby notify you of the "Spring Festival" holiday as follows: [View Details]

    source: Release time:1970-01-01

  • Foshan Nangong New Year's Day Holiday Notice for 2023

    On the occasion of the arrival of New Year's Day in 2023, in order to make all employees have a pleasant holiday, the company leaders have decided to take a day off after research. The following is the notice on the "New Year's Day" holiday: [View Details]

    source: Release time:1970-01-01

  • Advantages and Application of Four Low Flat Trailers

    The advantages and application of the four low flat bed trailers the common low flat bed trailer has flat type, that is, the platform for carrying goods is flat. The trailer has no ladder, as shown in the figure below. Trailers are used to transport ordinary heavy objects. It cannot transport goods with high height like other semi trailers. Because it is flat, so this [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-15

  • Save time and effort, good helper. Which tailboard is more suitable for you

    The tailboard, known as the tailboard of the truck crane, was first used in Europe and the United States in the 1930s. It has been popular for more than 50 years since the 1960s. More than ten years ago, trucks with tailboards appeared in some large coastal cities in China. At present, with the development of the domestic logistics industry, the tailboard is used as the loading [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-15

  • What is the difference between flatbed trailer and rail flatbed trailer?

    The flatbed trailer and the rail flatbed trailer are not the same type. The rail flatcar is a flatcar running on the track, which is generally powered, and uses rail power supply or battery and other power supply methods; Flat bed trailers are generally unpowered vehicles. They are towed and towed by forklifts or tractors, commonly known as traction flat bed trailers, and can run on rails or cement ground. There is also a trackless electric flat bed truck, which is powered but trackless, and can walk on flat roads or certain small slopes at will. [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-08

  • Working principle of pneumatic brake (brake) of Nangong flat trailer

    Working principle of pneumatic brake (brake) of Nangong flat bed trailer The pneumatic brake (brake) is divided into single chamber brake chamber and double chamber brake chamber, which are used to generate braking force for wheels. The diaphragm part is used for service braking, and the spring part is used for auxiliary and parking braking. Working principle of single chamber brake chamber: the pressure from the air chamber acts on the diaphragm [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-08

  • Maintenance of electric flat car

    In order to make the use performance of the electric flatbed more stable and effectively extend the service life, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the electric flatbed at ordinary times. The main maintenance parts of the electric flat car are the battery, motor, tire, axle and reducer, and the dust and dirt inside and outside the vehicle shall be cleaned regularly [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-08

  • Precautions for Customized Flat Car (II)

    Precautions for customized flatbed truck (II): 1. Load demand of flatbed trailer 2. The size of the flatbed trailer is mainly to provide the length and width of the bearing surface. If the height is required, it can also be proposed. It is not difficult to solve the problem of a higher trailer. If the requirements are too low, it may increase the cost 3. Working conditions of flatbed trailer, whether there is slope, whether the aisle is too narrow, whether the trailer is worried about unsteadiness, whether there are requirements for environmental protection, etc. when the trailer stops working 4. The type of tractor mainly considers the speed requirements of the trailer and the configuration of trailer tires 5. Type of goods to be carried, whether they are afraid of vibration 6. The use of flatbed trailer is different, which has a certain impact on the structure 7. Whether guardrail is required, what is the height of guardrail, and whether sealing is required 8. Whether self unloading is required 9. Whether waterproof awning is required In fact, the purpose of customizing the flatbed trailer is to determine the load-bearing capacity of the flatbed trailer, the size of the load-bearing surface, whether it needs to be equipped with shock absorbers, brakes, guardrails, double traction, outriggers and other related configurations [View Details]

    source: Release time:2022-11-08