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Precautions for Customized Flat Car (II)

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Precautions for customized flatbed truck (II):

1. Load demand of flatbed trailer

2. The size of the flatbed trailer is mainly to provide the length and width of the bearing surface. If the height is required, it can also be proposed. It is not difficult to solve the problem of a higher trailer. If the requirements are too low, it may increase the cost

3. Working conditions of flatbed trailer, whether there is slope, whether the aisle is too narrow, whether the trailer is worried about unsteadiness, whether there are requirements for environmental protection, etc. when the trailer stops working

4. The type of tractor mainly considers the speed requirements of the trailer and the configuration of trailer tires

5. Type of goods to be carried, whether they are afraid of vibration

6. The use of flatbed trailer is different, which has a certain impact on the structure

7. Whether guardrail is required, what is the height of guardrail, and whether sealing is required

8. Whether self unloading is required 9. Whether waterproof awning is required

In fact, the purpose of customizing the flatbed trailer is to determine the load-bearing capacity of the flatbed trailer, the size of the load-bearing surface, whether it needs to be equipped with shock absorbers, brakes, guardrails, double traction, outriggers and other related configurations