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36 foot heavy yacht trailer

name:36 foot heavy yacht trailer

detailed information息

36 foot heavy yacht trailer

Brand: Nangong, model: NGFT36-120 30-6S, load capacity: 18 tons, size: 12 * 3 meters, net weight: about 9 tons;

Technical requirements for 36 foot heavy-duty yacht trailer:

1. The trailer has a towing capacity of 18 tons, and the main frame of the platform is made of 20 gauge steel (reinforced at the bottom or both sides) with a width of 3 meters and a length of 12 meters. For the convenience of transportation, the entire vehicle is designed as a modular assembly. The components are divided into five major parts. The upper part of the front is the engine power system and hydraulic system, the lower part of the front is the walking and steering mechanism, the middle body part is the boat bearing support adjustment component, the lower part is two sets of hydraulic lifting mechanisms, and the walking part is six sets of solid tires.

2. This car is designed as a remote control self-propelled vehicle, with a power system equipped with an internal combustion engine and a hydraulic system. The driving power is equipped with two sets of hydraulic motor deceleration integrated drivers, with a single driver torque of 40000 Nm and equipped with hydraulic lock brakes. The system has the advantages of low power noise and simple operation.

3. The design height of the tugboat support device is adjustable, with a lifting stroke of 1-2.8 meters, and a balance adjustment mechanism is designed at the front. Ensuring that the watercraft remains level when walking on different slopes greatly improves driving safety.

4. The entire vehicle control system adopts remote control operation, and the power system adopts a 110 horsepower Cummins engine. The hydraulic system adopts imported hydraulic pumps from Taiwan, and the lifting cylinder adopts a 160mm diameter cylinder arm. The theoretical maximum lifting force of a single cylinder in a vertical state is 20 tons.

5. This car is equipped with a total of 6 solid wheels, with a single tire bearing capacity of 5.1 tons and a theoretical load capacity of 18 tons for the entire vehicle. The design concept of this axle is suspended, and the vehicle body level and tire load balance can be adjusted according to the smoothness of the road surface.

6. Surface color: blue.

The 36 foot heavy-duty yacht trailer is a long-term non-standard customization for Nangong vehicles. The yacht trailer can achieve functions such as self-propelled walking, turning, lifting, leveling, and width adjustment. By using functions such as self walking and lifting, the yacht can be lifted and transported within a designated area, and the yacht can be towed from the water surface to the shore or transported from the shore to the water surface in the dock area. This single person operation saves time and effort.

Application: Used for large-scale ship transportation such as yacht clubs, tourist bases, yacht manufacturers, shipyards, and docks