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8-ton flatbed full trailer

name:8-ton flatbed full trailer

detailed information息

Brand: Nangong, model: NGTT08-25/65-8H, load capacity: 8 tons, table size: 2.5 * 6.5 meters, tire model: 600-9 inflatable tires, net weight: 1980KG, color: black;

Detailed parameters of the 8-ton flatbed truck:

1. With a load capacity of 8 tons, a length of 6.5 meters, a width of 2.5 meters, and a height of approximately 0.75 meters, the main structure is made of No. 10 national standard steel, and the main beam is a welded composite beam with a 4mm flower board laid;

2. Use 8 600 to 9 new air tires (with an additional spare tire and wheel mesh);

3. The rotary mechanism is a 10 ton standard assembly, with a spring loaded buffered traction mechanism (with buffering effect during starting or emergency braking). The traction frame can be adjusted and fixed up and down, and different towing vehicles only need simple adjustment;

4. Suspended frame, automatic axle swing adjustment type, uneven ground to ensure the level of the board surface, and balanced tire force;

5. Turn the turntable 180 degrees with a turning radius of 180 degrees;

6. Equipped with a set of connector fork pins;

7. Equipped with 6 couplers on one side;

8. Color: matte black, surrounded by yellow warning stripes;

8 ton flatbed truck is professionally customized by Nangong Vehicle, with medium flatbed trailer equipped with 8 solid tires, heavy load, maintenance free, practical and safe, and long service life!

Application: Conventional flatbed trucks are used in industries such as ceramics, hardware, and chemical engineering. They generally use solid tires or solid compression tires with strong load-bearing capacity and small tire diameters.